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The Unbearable Migration Pressure in Italy: Giorgia Meloni's Appeal to the European Union

Italy is currently facing a very critical migration situation, with thousands of migrants arriving on its shores every day. The President of the Italian Council, Giorgia Meloni, described this migratory pressure as “unsustainable”. She pointed to the difficult international situation in Africa as one of the main reasons for this crisis. However, this situation goes far beyond coups and famine, and the World Anti-Corruption Security Organization (OMSAC) believes that the root causes of this migration must be highlighted.

Giorgia Meloni's Appeal to the European Union

The Italian island of Lampedusa, located less than 150 km from the Tunisian coast, has become a major disembarkation point for migrants seeking to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean. The situation in Lampedusa is now more tense than ever, with the majority of the 11,000 migrants who have arrived in Italy since the start of the week disembarking on this small island. The reception center managed by the Italian Red Cross, designed to accommodate 400 people, is completely saturated.

Faced with this crisis, Giorgia Meloni called on the European Union to intervene quickly. She wrote to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, inviting her to go to Lampedusa to assess the situation there. In addition, she asked the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, to put the migration issue on the agenda of the next EU summit in October. His government is also planning to take extraordinary measures to deal with this migration crisis.

The Deep Reasons for Migration in Africa

OMSAC would like to express its understanding of Giorgia Meloni's concerns regarding migratory pressure in Italy. However, it is essential to emphasize that the reasons for this migration often go beyond coups and famine.

Africa has witnessed decades of policies of plunder, resource exploitation, economic injustice, modern slavery and neocolonialism that have contributed to instability in many parts of the continent. Some European countries have also played a role in these dynamics by supporting corrupt regimes and promoting the exploitation of African wealth.

It is time for Europe and the international community to focus on efforts to help Africa overcome these fundamental challenges. Instead of interfering in the political affairs of African countries by supporting corrupt leaders, it is imperative to promote good governance, sustainable economic development, education and social justice in Africa.

OMSAC stands ready to collaborate with all stakeholders to promote transparency, accountability and the fight against corruption, as these are essential to create an environment conducive to progress in Africa and to address the concerns of Giorgia Meloni and Europe.

In conclusion, it is time to move from a reactive approach to proactive action to address the underlying issues driving migration in Africa. This will not only relieve migratory pressure in Italy, but also contribute to the sustainable development and stability of Africa as a whole.

OMSAC Press & Media Department


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