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It is to adhere to the values and principles of our organization illustrated by our Charter, to be part of the experts of the World Anti-Corruption Security Organization and to fight against the scourges of corruption and crime in the world.

Being a member means participating in the General Assembly to debate the issues of corruption, crime and human rights, assess the proper conduct of our mission and decide on the strategic orientations of tomorrow, it is also elect the Executive Board, talk about OMSAC's actions around you or get involved in its awareness-raising events.

As a member, you are the voice of WHOAC on your Continent, in your country, in your professional, family or friendly environment. You are the guarantors of our action. You become an actor in the fight against corruption and crime and human rights.

Any person or organization who shares our values and feels concerned by our noble mission in the world can become a member of OMSAC as provided for by the statutes and internal regulations. It is thanks to your conviction that this fight is fair and that the action of OMSC will lead to change, that as a member of OMSC, you will carry the messages of our organization to the world.



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