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How to define training?

Training can be defined in a general way, as: “the action of a trainer exercising on one or more people with a view to adapting them technically, physically and psychologically to their future functions. "It is both a learning of knowledge and a learning of methods ...

What is the purpose of the training?

The objectives of vocational training are varied. Continuing education can make it possible to: Gain skills in order to evolve within your company and access a higher position (it allows you to train in a company or in an organization instead of or in addition to a VAE )

What do you call someone who is doing training?

Quite simply, we speak of trained. You cannot use the term "learner", first of all because it is naughty (it is bogus intellectual jargon), then and above all because it is not appropriate; a person in training does not learn, a trainer does not teach: one experiments and the other guides

What is theoretical training?

Relating to theory, the development of theories, their content, as opposed to practical or applied: Theoretical knowledge. ... Which is conceived and considered in an abstract way, as opposed to what is real, tangible: A completely theoretical equality.

What are the training objectives for the company?

Training enables hard-working staff to develop their skills, secure their knowledge, access higher levels of qualification and thus enhance their experience in the workplace.

What are the objectives of staff training?

The general objective of training personnel involved in a project is to acquire or strengthen knowledge and practices in a given technical field. The specific (learning) objectives are defined on the basis of the needs identified with the participants.

Why keep learning?

Learn to keep having new ideas. Over time, you will begin to accumulate a mental library of information that will help your brain make connections and continue to generate innovation.

Why learn new skills?

Recruiters promote candidates' adaptability and the ability to continuously learn. This means that the acquisition of new skills is of the utmost importance throughout a professional career, regardless of the position held or the sector of activity concerned.

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