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"The CEO of Algeria Telecom, Honored in Dubai: A Leader Committed to the Fight Against Corruption"

Adel Bentoumi, CEO of Algeria Telecom, Honored with the "Africa CEO Merit Leader of the Year 2023" Award: A Leader Committed to Fighting Corruption in the Telecommunications Sector

Algeria Telecom, the undisputed leader in the telecommunications sector in Algeria, proudly announces that its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Adel Bentoumi, has been awarded the prestigious "Africa CEO Merit Leader of the Year 2023" prize. This recognition was bestowed during the "Award Review Telecom" ceremony held in Dubai as part of the 17th "Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit." This distinction also affirms the image, credibility, and renown of the new Algeria, in line with President Abdelmadjid Tebboune's vision for a modern and prosperous country. As the recipient of the "Africa CEO Merit Leader of the Year," Mr. Bentoumi embodies the excellence and innovation propelling Algeria onto the international telecommunications stage.

OMSAC Applauds Algeria Telecom and Adel Bentoumi, CEO, for their Exemplary Commitment to Integrity and Transparency

The World Organization for Anti-Corruption (OMSAC) expresses deep appreciation for Algeria Telecom and its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Adel Bentoumi, for their ongoing commitment to integrity, transparency, and good governance in the telecommunications sector.

OMSAC, as a global organization dedicated to combating corruption and promoting ethical standards, emphasizes the importance of recognizing and encouraging companies that adopt exemplary practices in their operations. Under the enlightened leadership of Mr. Bentoumi, Algeria Telecom stands out for its commitment to these fundamental principles.

This recognition goes beyond Algeria Telecom's success as a major player in Algeria's telecommunications sector; it also highlights the company's significant contribution to the fight against corruption and the promotion of impeccable ethics in the industry.

OMSAC, through its Department of Integrity and Investigation, closely monitored Algeria Telecom's efforts to maintain high standards of compliance, business ethics, and social responsibility. The results achieved by Algeria Telecom attest to the company's commitment to conducting its activities in an ethical and transparent manner.

Mr. Adel Bentoumi, as the recipient of the prestigious "Africa CEO Merit Leader of the Year 2023" award, personifies the principles promoted by OMSAC. His exceptional leadership and dedication to integrity make him an inspiring example for other industry players.

OMSAC congratulates Algeria Telecom on this significant achievement and encourages other companies to follow this example by actively contributing to the promotion of integrity and transparency.

Department of Integrity & Investigations, OMSAC


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