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The OMSAC cry : Climate collapse: an ignored alarm

For several years, the World Anti-Corruption Security Organization - OMSAC - has been sounding the alarm regarding the serious consequences of climate change. Unfortunately, our calls for action have gone largely unheeded, and today we are seeing the first signs of climate collapse. It was United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres who recently made this alarming statement: “Climate collapse has begun.”

This declaration followed the announcement on September 6 of a new world temperature record by the European Copernicus Observatory. The last three months of the boreal summer in 2023, June, July and August, were the hottest on record for humanity. The global average temperature reached 16.77°C, exceeding the averages for the period 1991-2020 by 0.66°C. This figure may seem small, but it has serious consequences.

The reference period 1991-2020 was already marked by the effects of global warming, resulting from the explosion of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions since the industrial revolution. Each additional fraction of a degree of warming further disrupts the climate system as a whole and significantly amplifies the frequency, duration and intensity of extreme weather events.

Warning Signs of Climate Collapse

Climate collapse does not manifest itself suddenly, but through a series of worrying warning signs:

1. Deadly Heatwaves: Increasingly frequent and intense heatwaves affect entire regions, endangering human life and health.

2. Devastating Mega-Fires: Giant wildfires are becoming more frequent, destroying vital ecosystems, homes and lives.

3. Destructive Storms:** Tropical storms gain strength, causing massive flooding and extensive damage.

4. Sea Level Rise:** Glaciers are melting rapidly, causing sea levels to rise that threaten to submerge densely populated coastal regions.

5. Mass Population Displacements:** The consequences of climate change are forcing millions of people to flee their homes due to land loss, food insecurity and climate disasters.

The Call to Action

This series of warning signs should serve as a stark reminder of the urgency of the situation. The irresponsible ignoring of these warnings by many governments and global actors has led to the current situation. Insufficient policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lack of funding for climate change adaptation in vulnerable countries and lack of political will have exacerbated the climate crisis.

We make a vibrant appeal to global civil society to wake up. It is the future of the planet and future generations that are at stake. It is time to put an end to the wars of interest and to place the preservation of the planet at the top of the world's priorities. The major powers must act decisively by reducing their emissions, investing in green technologies and supporting the countries most vulnerable to climate change.

“Climate collapse is an existential threat, and humanity must act now to avoid catastrophic consequences. It is our duty as citizens of the world to pressure our leaders and demand immediate and substantial action. to reverse the current trajectory of climate change. Together, we can forge a more sustainable, resilient and equitable future for all, but time is running out. It is time to answer the call of the planet and take decisive action to preserve our common home."

OMSAC Media Press Department


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