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Support for Failed CAPA 2021 Candidates in Guinea and Call for Legal Compliance"

Organisation Mondiale de Sécurité Anti Corruption

Global Security Organization Against Corruption

منظمة الأمن العالمية لمكافحة الفساد


The Global Security Organization Against Corruption expresses its unwavering support for candidates who failed the exam for access to the legal profession (CAPA 2021) in Guinea.

We are deeply concerned by allegations of unacceptable behavior and irregularities surrounding this crucial exam for aspiring lawyers in Guinea. In particular, we strongly condemn the accusations according to which a sum of approximately two hundred million Guinean francs (200,000,000 GNF) was misappropriated by the Bar Association, thus affecting the integrity of the examination process.

The Global Anti-Corruption Security Organization calls on the Guinean authorities to thoroughly investigate these allegations of embezzlement and take appropriate action in accordance with the law. We emphasize the need to ensure that national and international laws governing the legal profession are respected in a transparent and fair manner.

We also thank the newspaper Guinée360 for its essential role in highlighting this worrying issue and for its commitment to providing professional and balanced information to the Guinean population.

We intend to contact the international lawyers' union to ensure that the rights and interests of unsuccessful candidates are fully taken into account.

The Global Anti-Corruption Security Organization remains committed to fighting corruption, promoting transparency and upholding justice and fairness. We urge all parties involved to work together to resolve this situation and ensure a better future for future lawyers in Guinea.

OMSAC Legal Department


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