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Protection of Whistleblowers: OMSAC Calls for International Action

The Global Security Organization Against Corruption (OMSAC) continues its strong commitment to promoting transparency, integrity and the fight against corruption internationally. After an in-depth analysis of contemporary challenges, systemic failings and examples of corruption that have shaken the world in recent years, OMSAC launches an urgent call for international action to develop and implement international law aimed at protect whistleblowers in a Changing World.

I. Summary of Existing Analysis

Over the years, OMSAC has collected and reviewed a wealth of information regarding international corruption cases. This analysis allowed us to note that whistleblowers play a crucial role in revealing corruption and undue influence in major international events. OMSAC recognizes that without these courageous individuals willing to report wrongdoing, the fight against corruption would be seriously hampered.

II. The Need for a Unified International Law to Protect Whistleblowers

However, despite their importance, whistleblowers often find themselves in a precarious situation. The lack of adequate and uniform legal protection globally exposes them to reprisals, abusive legal proceedings and even threats to their lives. OMSAC highlights the urgent need for a unified international law to protect these courageous individuals.

III. Key Elements of an International Law for the Protection of Whistleblowers

OMSAC proposes the following key elements for an international whistleblower protection law:

1. Universal Definition: A clear and universal definition of what a whistleblower is, covering all sectors of activity, must be established.

2. Comprehensive Protection: Comprehensive protection of whistleblowers against retaliation, including protection of their identity, employment and personal safety, must be guaranteed.

3. Reporting Channel: Safe and accessible reporting channels, both domestically and internationally, must be established to enable whistleblowers to safely report wrongdoing.

4. Prompt Handling Procedures: Prompt and fair handling procedures for allegations of retaliation should be established, with appropriate sanctions for violations.

5. Legal Protection: Whistleblowers must be protected by law against malicious prosecution or unauthorized disclosure of their information.

6. Education and Awareness: An educational and awareness campaign should be conducted to inform employees, organizations and the general public of the rights and responsibilities of whistleblowers.

7. International Collaboration: States and international organizations must work closely together to ensure the protection of whistleblowers across borders.

IV. Recommendations for the Implementation of an International Law for the Protection of Whistleblowers

OMSAC recommends that UN Member States and all international organizations act decisively to develop and implement international law for the protection of whistleblowers. This law must be designed to guarantee effective and uniform protection of whistleblowers throughout the world.

V. Conclusion: The Protection of Whistleblowers in a Changing World

Protecting whistleblowers is essential for integrity, transparency and accountability in a world where corruption and wrongdoing can have devastating consequences. OMSAC calls for international action to put in place a unified international law that will protect those who dare to speak out against corruption, regardless of where they are.

VI. Appendices

Appendix 1: Example of whistleblower case

Annex 2: Global ranking of the fight against corruption

Appendix 3: Proposed international law for the protection of whistleblowers

OMSAC is committed to working with UN Member States, international organizations and civil society to advance this vital cause. Protecting whistleblowers is an essential pillar in the fight against corruption and the preservation of democracy globally.

About OMSAC:

The World Organization for Anti-Corruption Security (OMSAC) is a global organization dedicated to the fight against corruption in all its forms. OMSAC works closely with United Nations Member States, international organizations and civil society to promote transparency, integrity and accountability worldwide. Our mission is to create a world where corruption no longer has a place, where whistleblowers are protected and where justice prevails. To learn more about OMSAC, visit our website at

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