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OMSAC Investigation 2: The Root Causes of Natural Disasters

“Let’s stop lying, it’s time to tell the truth, it’s human stupidity that is behind natural disasters.” This strong statement reminds us of the devastating impact that human activity can have on our planet. As the Earth continues to face a series of natural disasters, including wildfires, devastating floods and devastating earthquakes, it is essential to understand the factors that contribute to these phenomena. Although many natural events have intrinsic causes, it has become increasingly clear that human activity plays a major role in their frequency and intensity. In this report, we will explore the real reasons that are disrupting our planet, looking at how human actions interact with natural processes to create devastating disasters.

1. Wildfires: The Fever of Urbanization and Climate Change

Wildfires have become more frequent and more destructive, largely due to two key factors. First, increasing urbanization is pushing communities to settle in forested areas, thereby increasing fire risks. Second, climate change contributes to hotter and drier conditions, creating environments conducive to the ignition and spread of fires.

2. Floods: Alteration of Watercourses and Poorly Planned Urbanization

Flooding is often the result of altered waterways and poorly planned urbanization. Channeling of rivers, concreting of wetlands and unregulated development in floodplains make flooding worse. In addition, climate change may intensify precipitation, increasing the risk of flooding.

3. Earthquakes: The Correlation with Mining and Water Resources Management

Earthquakes, although primarily triggered by natural tectonic forces, can be influenced by human activity. Mining, particularly the extraction of shale gas and other resources, as well as the management of water reservoirs, have been linked to induced earthquakes. These activities change the stresses in the earth's crust, which can trigger earthquakes.

Conclusion :

As we confront the devastating consequences of fires, floods and earthquakes, it is clear that human stupidity, often expressed through unsustainable urbanization practices, poorly managed industrial activities and the impact of climate change, is playing a role. significant role in the worsening of these disasters. It is time to take action to mitigate these risk factors, by investing in smarter urban planning, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, preserving our natural ecosystems and taking meaningful action to combat climate change. Natural disasters are not only the result of natural forces, but also of human decisions. By recognizing this reality, we can hope to minimize their impact on our planet and our lives.

Realization OMSAC Integrity & Investigation Department

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