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OMSAC condemns Whale and Seal Massacres in the Faroe Islands

The Global Security Organization Against Corruption strongly condemns the recent barbaric acts in the Faroe Islands, where hundreds of pilot whales and seals were brutally killed. This inhumane practice not only constitutes a violation of animal rights, but it also poses a threat to marine biodiversity and public health.


The Faroe Islands, located in the North Atlantic, have long justified whaling as a cultural tradition and a source of food for local people. However, it is imperative to point out that this practice is cruel and obsolete, endangering the marine ecosystems and the health of the inhabitants.

The Brutality of the Massacre

The slaughter of these intelligent and vulnerable sea creatures is particularly shocking. Hunters use motorboats and helicopters to herd whales onto the beach, where they are then dragged with hooks and slaughtered with knives. The images and testimonies of this extreme violence are disturbing.

Environmental Consequences

In addition to harm to animals, whale and seal meat is contaminated with high levels of mercury, heavy metals and pollutants. This poses a serious public health risk, especially for children and pregnant women who could be exposed to these toxins.

Call for action

OMSAC calls on the authorities of the Faroe Islands to put an end to this cruel practice and to respect international laws on marine conservation. We demand that those responsible for these acts be brought to justice, in accordance with international animal protection laws.

International Collaboration

We also seek the collaboration of the international community to put an end to these acts of violence. We urge governments, NGOs, and civil society actors to condemn this practice and support marine conservation initiatives in the region.


The slaughter of whales and seals in the Faroe Islands is an unacceptable act that cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. OMSAC remains committed to fighting for the protection of animals, the preservation of the marine environment, and the promotion of respect for international laws. We will closely monitor this situation and take necessary measures to end these atrocities.

According to the opinion of experts from the Global Security Organization Against Corruption. To effectively and sustainably protect whales, it is therefore necessary to create marine reserves and fight against all fisheries that threaten the balance of the oceans.

OMSAC Press & Media Department


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