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Mourad Mazar: Colonel Doumbouya's speech is the most sincere of the 78th General Assembly

Full interview Radio FIM.FM from Guinea – Mourad MAZAR, President of the World Anti-Corruption Security Organization (OMSAC)

FIM.FM: Hello, Mr. MAZAR. We would like to further deepen your analysis regarding the speech of the transitional president of Guinea, Colonel Mamadi DOUMBOUYA, delivered during the 78th ordinary session of the United Nations General Assembly. Can you give us details on the highlights of this speech that particularly caught your attention?

Mourad MAZAR (MM): Hello, thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore this discussion further. The speech by the President of Guinea was very rich in important points. One of the salient aspects was its highlighting of military coups in West Africa, which are a major concern for the region. He highlighted the root causes of these events, including governance, the distribution of wealth, and the imposed model of democracy.

FIM.FM: You mentioned previously that OMSAC promotes transparency, integrity and ethics in various areas, including governance. How does OMSAC plan to help resolve these issues in West Africa and beyond?

MM: OMSAC is committed to working closely with governments and stakeholders to promote transparent and ethical governance practices. We believe in the importance of adapting solutions to local realities and taking into account the specificities of each country. We stand ready to provide advice and technical support to help countries address these governance challenges.

FIM.FM: The President of Guinea also spoke of the need for Africa to review the governance models that have been imposed on it. What is OMSAC’s position in this regard?

MM: OMSAC strongly supports the idea that governance solutions must be adapted to local realities. Each country has its own challenges and needs, and it is essential to respect national sovereignty while promoting transparency and integrity. We encourage African countries to work on governance models that meet their specific needs.

FIM.FM: In conclusion, could you tell us how you and OMSAC support the speech of the President of Guinea and his vision regarding these issues in Africa?

MM: OMSAC and I fully support the speech of the President of Guinea. We believe that his vision is sincere and fair, and that it reflects the deep aspirations of the African people for transparent and ethical governance. We are ready to work in partnership with African countries to support all actions aimed at promoting good governance in Africa.

FIM.FM: Thank you very much, Mr. MAZAR, for these clarifications and this detailed perspective. We thank you for your time and commitment to transparency and integrity.

MM: Please, it was a pleasure to discuss these important issues. Thank you and good luck to Africa with its new leaders End of interview


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