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MAZAR's call to Africa and the World: United for a Just and Equitable Future

Dear citizens of Africa and friends of the world,

Today, in my capacity as President of the Global Anti-Corruption Security Organization - OMSAC, I address you with deep conviction and a call to action. Our mission is vast and ambitious, embracing the fight against corruption, influence peddling, crime, money laundering, capital flight, cybercrime, prevention of illegal immigration, human trafficking human rights, all forms of discrimination, poverty, climate change, the defense of human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

Africa, our continent, is a treasure trove of cultural diversity, natural wealth and human potential. Yet it faces considerable challenges. Corruption is seeping into our institutions, undermining public trust. Injustices in all their forms divide us and limit our progress. Climate change threatens our environment, leaving our populations vulnerable. Poverty persists, and too many of our brothers and sisters struggle to provide for themselves.

We are aware of the particular challenges facing our brothers and sisters in Niger, Sudan, Gabon and Libya. We call on all parties concerned for wisdom, dialogue and respect for international laws. Conflicts cannot be resolved through violence, but rather through a sincere commitment to peace and justice.

In Niger, Sudan, Gabon and Libya, we encourage parties to come together around the negotiating table to resolve differences and work together for the stability and progress of their nations.

Each of these countries has extraordinary potential, and peace is the foundation needed to realize that potential. We are ready to provide our support, within our means, to encourage dialogue and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Finally, the World Anti-Corruption Security Organization reaffirms its total refusal of any foreign interference in the internal affairs of each country and its firm commitment to respect for national sovereignty.

Together, we have the power to overcome these colossal challenges. Africa is the home of resilience, creativity and solidarity. All of humanity can benefit from our collective efforts to build a world that is fairer, more equitable and more respectful of our planet.

Let's inspire change, let's be the change. Join OMSAC in this noble quest for a better future.

With hope and determination,

The President of OMSAC

Mourad MAZAR


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