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Historic speech, DOUMBOUYA honors Africa: OMSAC Applauds

New York, September 21, 2023 - The speech by Colonel Mamadi DOUMBOUYA, President of the Transition in Guinea, during the 78th ordinary session of the United Nations General Assembly, sparked reactions and analyzes around the world. In this context, the General Policy Department of the Global Security Organization Against Corruption (OMSAC), headed by Mr. Mourad MAZAR, would like to provide its own analysis.

A Significant Speech

Colonel Mamadi DOUMBOUYA's speech was characterized by his frankness and audacity. The President of the Transition in Guinea addressed burning topics, including coups in Africa and governance issues. He stressed that coups are only the consequence of deeper problems, namely poor governance, socio-economic inequalities, and corruption. Colonel DOUMBOUYA also criticized the model of democratic governance which, according to him, does not necessarily adapt to African realities.

A Thoughtful Analysis

The General Policy Department of OMSAC welcomes the thoughtful analysis of the President of the Transition of Guinea. The problems he raised are not specific to Guinea, but concern many African countries. Inequalities, poor distribution of wealth, and corruption are evils that hinder sustainable development in Africa. The democratic governance model must be adapted to meet the needs of local populations.

OMSAC and its Vision

The OMSAC, under the leadership of Mr. Mourad MAZAR, is committed to promoting transparency, integrity, and ethics in sport, but also in other areas, such as the defense of human rights. man, protection of international laws, fight against corruption, influence peddling, crime, money laundering, capital flight, cybercrime, prevention of illegal immigration, fight against human trafficking, and the protection of press freedom.

With this in mind, OMSAC fully supports all actions aimed at promoting good governance in Africa. The organization is convinced that the challenges facing Africa can be addressed through appropriate reforms, responsible governance, and genuine consideration of the needs of African youth.


The speech by Colonel Mamadi DOUMBOUYA, President of the Transition in Guinea, was a notable moment during the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly. His frank and direct analysis of the problems facing Africa deserves serious reflection. OMSAC, through its General Policy Department, fully supports the vision of the President of the Transition in Guinea and is committed to working in favor of good governance and the fight against corruption in Africa.

OMSAC Press & Media Department


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