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Global Security Organization Against Corruption : Press Release: Bringing the Truth to Light

The World Anti-Corruption Security Organization - OMSAC has taken a bold and necessary decision in its ongoing fight against corruption and for integrity, both in sport and in all other areas. The OMSAC executive office has decided to make the main elements of the file, concerning questionable manipulations within African football, available to the credible, professional and investigative international press.

This approach marks a turning point in this affair and is guided by our firm conviction that the truth must come to light. Credible media and specialist investigators will now have access to crucial information which will shed light on the controversial events surrounding the "shame" match between the Algerian team and that of Cameroon.

We firmly believe that this approach will put the facts and evidence in their rightful place. The pseudo journalists and detractors who attacked OMSAC and its members will be exposed for what they are: spreaders of misinformation and slanderers.

OMSAC wishes to warn against any defamatory, malicious publication or publication aimed at harming its integrity, its credibility and that of its executives, as well as their private lives. We remind you that disinformation and gratuitous attacks have no place in a society respectful of ethics and justice.

Any attack, defamation, insult, or unauthorized resumption of our press release, aimed at undermining the integrity, credibility of OMSAC, its executives or their private lives will be taken very seriously. OMSAC reserves the right to take legal action to defend its honor and protect its members against any illegitimate attacks.

Our only response to these attacks has been and will remain confidence in justice. OMSAC and its executives remain true to their principles, and we will never give up when it comes to fighting all forms of corruption and preserving integrity. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our experts in the Integrity and Investigation department, as well as our legal department, we work tirelessly to end corruption in sport and in all other areas, thus promoting an environment where Ethics and justice prevail.

We are convinced that transparency and truth are the best remedies against slander and disinformation. We thank the international press for its essential role in spreading the truth and promoting integrity in sport and beyond.

OMSAC Press & Media Department


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