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OMSAC : Ali HM ALHAJRAS calls for solidarity with the Moroccan people

The Global Security Organization Against Corruption, committed to the fight against corruption, influence peddling and the protection of human rights, expresses its deep concern and solidarity with the Moroccan people following the tragic earthquake in the country, resulting in the tragic loss of human life and extensive material damage.

In order to avoid any fraudulent manipulation of aid and resources intended to help the Moroccan people in these difficult times, our organization urges all its members, as well as all partner organizations, to collaborate directly with the Moroccan authorities by following the official channels. , both inside and outside the country.

We also call on all our members, supporters and partners to mobilize and pool their resources, skills and efforts to provide effective and appropriate support to the Moroccan people in this time of crisis.

We remain committed to respecting international laws and regulations regarding humanitarian assistance and ensuring that any assistance is delivered in a manner that is transparent, equitable and beneficial to those affected by this disaster.

Our organization is committed to working closely with the Moroccan authorities, as well as other international organizations and local partners, to contribute to the relief, reconstruction and support effort for the victims of this disaster.

We urge all our members and partners to stand ready to act and respond to the needs of the Moroccan people during this difficult time, and to show solidarity, empathy and compassion towards those affected by this tragedy.

Together, we can make a difference and bring hope of recovery and reconstruction for the Moroccan people.


Head of International Relations

Department of OMSAC


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