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Algerian Humanitarian Action: Symbol of Solidarity and Nobility towards Morocco

In a remarkable gesture of solidarity, Algeria, despite broken relations since 2021, announced its decision to open its airspace to humanitarian and medical flights towards Morocco, a neighboring country affected by a devastating earthquake which claimed lives to more than a thousand people near Marrakech.

This generous offer was announced in an official press release from the Presidency of the Algerian Republic. Algeria says it is ready to provide humanitarian aid without reservation, making all its human and material resources available to help the Moroccan people, whom it considers to be a “brother” people. This offer of assistance is accompanied by the condition that Morocco requests it.

This gesture demonstrates the importance of human solidarity and compassion between nations, even in times of political disagreement. It reminds us that in times of crisis and distress, humanity prevails over all differences.

The opening of Algerian airspace to humanitarian flights offers a glimmer of hope for Morocco, which faces monumental challenges after the devastating earthquake. It shows that international cooperation and fraternity between peoples are fundamental values ​​that transcend borders and differences.

This decision also reflects Algeria's desire to actively contribute to relief and reconstruction efforts in Morocco, thus providing a breath of fresh air in a difficult period.

We hope that this outstretched hand from Algeria to Morocco can encourage other nations to join this outpouring of solidarity and provide support to the Moroccan people at these critical times.

OMSAC Press & Media Department


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