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Extension of Interpol Headquarters in: An Agreement Ensures the Future of the Organization in France

After years of discussions and negotiations, a crucial financial agreement has been reached to secure the future of Interpol's headquarters in Lyon. The move comes following concerns over a possible move of the international criminal police organization abroad.

On Tuesday September 5, 2023, Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock announced this agreement during a statement in Lyon. He said: “The future of Interpol in Lyon is secure.” The agreement on the extension of the organization's headquarters was finally reached after years of debate between the French state and local authorities.

The agreement is based on a joint financial commitment from the State, the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, the Metropolis and the City of Lyon to support this real estate project which had been under discussion since 2015. Although the initial cost was estimated at 50 million euros, the final amount has not yet been specified.

A joint announcement, notably involving the State, will be made later with details on the financial contribution of each party.

“I am not going to announce precise figures yet because we want to do that with the government,” Jürgen Stock said at a media forum organized as part of the organization's centenary.

At this stage, neither the date nor the final amount of the investment have been disclosed, the Ministry of the Interior having not yet responded to requests from AFP regarding these details.

In addition, the agreement must still be submitted for deliberation to the Metropolis by next December. However, according to a source, it was already included in the last State-Region Plan Contract (CPER) voted last October in the Region.

This financing involves a contribution of 9 million euros from the Metropolis for the construction of the extension, while the City of Lyon will provide the land necessary for the work.

Although the Region confirmed its financial participation to the tune of 9 million euros, the City of Lyon did not wish to comment publicly on this decision, which had been the subject of intense discussions between the Ministry of the Interior and the local communities.

Interpol, an international organization bringing together 195 member countries and with around 800 employees in Lyon, has occupied land made available by the City for its headquarters since 1989.

In October 2021, Interpol pressed the French authorities to find a solution to respond to the growth of its activities and personnel. In response, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, requested the financial commitment of local authorities, thus triggering prolonged debates between local authorities and the government.

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