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Communiqué of Solidarity and Call for International Aid for Libya

Faced with the tragedy plaguing Libya, our global organization, in partnership with NGOs around the world, is launching an urgent appeal for the mobilization of all actors involved in the fields of natural disasters and humanitarian aid.

The devastating floods caused by Storm Daniel have plunged eastern Libya into an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, and we must act quickly to provide needed aid to affected populations. The situation in Libya is alarming, with the death toll already exceeding 2,000, and thousands of people displaced from their homes in search of safety. The humanitarian needs are immense, ranging from temporary shelter and food to clean water and emergency medical care.

We call on all volunteers, whether legal entities or individuals, to mobilize and coordinate their efforts with the official Libyan authorities and international relief agencies to ensure an effective response to this disaster. Cooperation and coordination are essential to maximize the impact of our aid and avoid duplication of efforts.

In addition, we warn against any attempt at fraudulent manipulation by malicious individuals who seek to exploit the vulnerability of disaster victims. Any criminal activity, theft or trafficking in the name of humanitarian aid must be reported to the competent authorities in order to preserve the integrity of humanitarian aid.

At this difficult time, we urge the international community to join our efforts to provide immediate relief to victims of the floods in Libya. We believe in global solidarity and our collective ability to face such disasters and support those in need.

We continue to closely monitor the situation in Libya and work closely with our humanitarian partners to provide adequate assistance and contribute to the reconstruction of affected areas. Our commitment to humanitarian principles remains firm, and we will continue to work towards a more united and resilient world.

Together we can make a difference.

Ali HM ALHAJRAS Head of international relations department


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