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Canada, a legendary country!


David Vigneault Director of CSIS

In June 2017, David Vigneault became the ninth director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). Mr. Vigneault resumed a leadership role in the Service after having held numerous positions within the security and intelligence apparatus.

Professional experience

From 2013 until his appointment as Director, Mr. Vigneault was Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Security and Intelligence, at the Privy Council Office.

From 2010 to 2013, Mr. Vigneault was Associate Vice-President of the Programs Branch of the Canada Border Services Agency. Prior to this period, he held senior positions in CSIS, as Deputy Director, Intelligence, and Deputy Director, Secretariat.

Mr. Vigneault also held the position of Director, Transnational Security, at the Communications Security Establishment, and Chief of Staff to the Deputy Minister at the Department of National Defense.


Mr. Vigneault holds a Master of Arts (Political Science) from the University of Montreal and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) from Laval University.

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