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Every strategy is about goals and the means to achieve them. This is the essence of the strategy. Strategic formulation and implementation are the processes by which objectives and the means to achieve them are defined. In the analysis of a strategy, we are as interested in the choice of objectives and implementation mechanisms (strategic content) as in the processes through which these choices are organized and put together (strategic process). The quality of a strategy depends as much on the relevance of the objectives and the means of achievement as on the way in which these objectives and these means have been chosen.

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Our strategy is the way of developing, directing and coordinating our action plans in order to achieve a determined objective, programmed in the short or long term.

The main goal is to avoid visual piloting, because an effective strategy must be applied and bring positive results. In the professional world, we talk about management.

The latter is also done on several levels :

It is therefore a combination of objectives to be achieved through determined means.

The objectives of our strategy

They are defined according to several criteria, influencing the choice of the means to be implemented. We speak of profitability or growth objectives when it comes to achieving specific quantified results.

When it comes to security objectives, the means used are those that allow the structure to survive. It is therefore a question of avoiding excessively risky projects and investments.

The flexibility objectives are linked to our organization, the responsibilities of its leaders, the means of financing, periodic action plans, etc. The objectives specific to the leaders depend on the role of each one. It is about taking a position linked to a certain hierarchical level of the organization rather than to the whole structure.

Thus, when we talk about the objectives of our organization, we are talking about the relative results to be achieved, in particular in the face of the risks of the missions.

The implementation of our strategy is based on the medium and long term .

The steps to follow

It is a set of steps, the first of which is a reorganization of the organization according to strategic mission areas.

A SWOT and comparative analysis of these areas must then be carried out.


The implementation of a summary strategy for each area will optimize the mission of each. This will make it possible, moreover, to make profitable the resources implemented in each field and to allocate the remainder to the diversification of the missions of the organization.

Strategic deployment

Once our final strategy has been defined, it is a matter of putting it in place so that it is effective and allows us to achieve our objectives. Thus, an internal restructuring of the organization constitutes a first step, with a reconstitution of the work teams according to the missions to be carried out and a new attribution of the responsibilities of each one.


This must be accompanied by an appropriate communication system. A new logistics organization must also be put in place, in line with the objectives to be achieved.


Corruption can undermine the enjoyment of social rights,
which represent among the most basic human rights
and are at the heart of everyone's daily life
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 Human rights
and health coverage


Together, let's defend human rights. “People and their rights must be at the heart of the response and recovery. To overcome this pandemic and protect ourselves in the future, we need universal rights-based frameworks, such as health coverage for all. "

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