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OMSAC Salutes Interpol and its Secretary General Jürgen Stock on their 100th Anniversary

Speech by Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock

Crime has no borders. This timeless truth was the catalyst for the creation of Interpol exactly a century ago. In 1923, 20 countries gathered in Vienna for a historic congress. As a result of this meeting, the International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC) was created, with the primary mission of facilitating mutual assistance between the police forces of different nations. Today, this organization is known as Interpol and proudly has 195 member states.

The Evolution of the Fight against Transnational Crime:

100 years ago, major concerns revolved around counterfeit money, fake checks, and fraudulent passports. The world has changed a lot since then. Interpol's investigations now focus on organized crime, terrorism, cybercrime, and many other complex challenges that transcend national borders. Despite this evolution, a fundamental element of Interpol has endured through the ages: international wanted notices, commonly known as "red notices", allowing the arrest and extradition of wanted criminals.

16 Million Searches Every Day:

Interpol does not have response teams on the ground, but its impact is immense. The organization informs police forces around the world through a secure communications channel and provides vital access to 19 databases. These databases contain crucial information regarding human trafficking, child pornography, missing persons, document theft, and much more. Every day, police forces carry out an average of 16 million searches globally, demonstrating the scale of Interpol's impact.

Highlights of 2023:

In this historic year, Interpol has once again proven its importance in the fight against transnational crime. Hundreds of arrests have been made against people smugglers in Africa, putting a brake on human trafficking networks. A global phishing gang responsible for large-scale scams has been dismantled thanks to coordinated action by Interpol. Additionally, high-value suspects involved in international cocaine trafficking have been apprehended using Interpol tips.

An Invaluable Partner:

The Global Security Organization Against Corruption would like to salute Interpol for its 100 years of dedication to global security. We would also like to pay tribute to its Secretary General, Jürgen Stock, whose leadership has been remarkable. Under his leadership, Interpol has undergone a very positive change that has won the admiration of NGOs and global civil society. We call on civil society to give its full support to Interpol and its executives.

Call for Collaboration:

At this crucial time, we would also like to request assistance from Interpol in the areas of training, advice and guidance for NGO executives and whistleblowers. Together, we will continue to work for a safer, more transparent and fairer world.

To find out more about Interpol and its work, visit the Interpol website by clicking on the blue button


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